Monday, July 28, 2008


1001 days breaks down into 143 weeks or 33 months or 2.75 years

Here's how I'm doing at almost a month in:

21. Start and finish PROJECT 365 (24/365)

23. Post 1 recipe a week on blog (I've posted quite a few)

32. Read the Bible in 2 different translations (I'm reading The Message right now)

33. Read at least 10 books I haven't read before (Just finished the book below, Lost Boy by
Greg Laurie

34. Write in journal at least once a week (3/143)

37. Identify 50 things that make me happy (13/50)

44. Crush cans at least every other day (AC is doing it every day)

49. Have a clean empty sink every night before bed (check)

58. Do laundry when have basket full (check)

59. Clean each room at least twice a week (check)

65. Phone family at least once a month (check)

66. Phone friends at least once a month (check)

68. Give weekly to charity (Harvest Crusade, Robin's Nest)

72. Keep checkbook neat (check)

96. Bathe dogs once every 2 weeks (check)

99. Seek peace (trying)

100. Laugh often (trying but there's been alot of heavy stuff going on so it's been kinda hard)

101. Love well (of course)


Clara said...

Wow! You are going to town, kid. You're doing you 101 things quicker than I am.

You left a note about joining our weight loss group on my blog. Yes! We'd love to have you join. We've renamed it Taking It Off Together Tuesday. Leigh is our moderator. You can find a link to her on my blog. Originally, we all gave her starting weight, current weight, goal weight. Then we weight on Monday and send Leigh the result in how much gained or lost. She sends out all the stats on Tuesday and we each post and visit each other.

I hope you decide to join us!

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Di,

Would you consider reading the Darby version of the Holy Bible? Or the Holy Piby (otherwise called "The Black Man's Bible)?

You are doing great on your list. Let me know when you are coming back to Jamaica.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Maasiyat said...

thanks for stopping by sorry about getting back to you so late but if it's not one thing then it's another when I first started blogging I felt exactly the same way bt I have met so many wonderful people and finally realized that I am not alone and thanks to their support and encouragement have found my own "voice"